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Bio Giulia M. L. Bencini 

Giulia M. L. Bencini is Associate Professor in the Department of Linguistics and Comparative Cultural Studies at Ca Foscari University, Venice. Her research falls within the domain of psycholinguistics and clinical/neuro linguistics, looking at language representation, acquisition and processing in children and adults, language impairment and language interventions. Before moving to Venice, she held the position of Associate Professor in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology at Hunter College, City University of New York. She holds a BA in Modern Languages and Linguistics from the University of Florence, a PhD in Linguistics from the University of Urbana-Champaign (2002).

Other education includes Cognitive Science (Institute for Cognitive Science, University of Colorado, Boulder, USA) Experimental and Developmental Psychology (Post-doc, Language Acquisition Research Center, Hunter College, City University of New York), and Speech-Language Pathology (former academic position in Speech-Language Pathology, 2008-2015).

She has investigated the representation and processing of argument structure constructions in English speaking adults and young children, and more recently bilinguals and second language learners. She has examined cross-linguistic aspects of language breakdown in adults with acquired language disorders and degenerative diseases and rehabilitation protocols for people with aphasia.

Her research combines laboratory experiments with insights from formal and functional linguistics, aiming to close the gap between theories of language representation and theories of language processing, so as to extend the coverage of linguistic theory to account for processing (both comprehension and production) in children, adults and in people with language impairments. At Ca Foscari she holds the position of Delegate of the Vice-Chancellor for support services for students with disabilities and learning impairments.