Bilingualism has been associated with superior performance in tasks requiring executive functions (EF), assumedly reflecting bilinguals’ massive experience of managing the two languages. However, despite extensive investigation, research has not produced a comprehensive picture on the nature of the putative bilingual advantage.

Minna Lehtonen
Minna Lehtonen

Moreover, the field has been found to suffer from publication bias. The aim of this meta-analysis* was to study in which EF domains and tasks, if any, the advantage is consistently observed. In an analysis of 152 studies and 891 effect sizes, we also considered a number of study-, task-, and participant-related variables previously suggested to moderate the effects.

*Lehtonen, M., Soveri, A., Laine, A., Järvenpää, J., de Bruin, A. & Antfolk, J. (2018). Is bilingualism associated with enhanced executive functioning in adults? A meta-analytic review. Psychological Bulletin, 144:4 (April 2018), 394–425.

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