Postponement of The 12th Nordic Conference on Bilingualism til 2021

General Conference Theme

We invoke the notion of “x-disciplinarity” as an umbrella term useful for covering a wider array of kindred approaches to knowledge production. Here, “x” may be understood as a placeholder to a variety of prefixes: multi-, cross-, inter-, trans-, even post- and anti-disciplinarity. Differences aside, these labels pertain to certain visions and modes of research practice, all of which challenge long-standing monodisciplinary undertakings. It would seem, however, that x-disciplinarity comes in many forms.

Many scholars of bi- and multilingualism world-wide work within adjacent disciplinary fields or draw heavily on their scholarly developments. While some of us work in research environments which collectively make up “x-disciplinarity”, others embody “x-disciplinarity” in their own research practices. Importantly, while x-disciplinary initiatives are commonly celebrated, they are certainly not without their difficulties. It is evident, we hold, that we can learn from each others’ experiences, research foci, methodological approaches, and so forth, so as to foster better multilingualism research.

The 12th Nordic Conference on Bilingualism endeavors to create a space for such knowledge exchange. In this pursuit, we invite scholars from all subfields with an interest in bi-/multilingualism and, more particu¬larly (although not mandatory), with the potentials of x-disciplinarity vis-a-vis this research object. The conference’s keynote speakers have been selected with the theme of x-disciplinarity in mind.