The investigation includes a study of policy documents, teacher education programmes, and classroom practices in Year 6 of primary school, with an aim to understand how primary school teachers are prepared for working with pupils with diverse backgrounds (i.e., language, ethnicity, genus, social class, and religion).

The study explores how current teacher training programmes may resist social inequality and instead create possibilities for social justice. The project plan includes an analysis of policy documents (e.g., national curricula and teacher training syllabi) as well as field work (e.g., interviews and observations) at universities offering teacher education and in primary school classrooms.


Project participants

Centre for Research on Bilingualism

University of Helsinki

  • Professor Gunilla Holm
  • Postdoctoral researcher Harriet Zilliacus
  • PhD student Ida Hummelstedt-Djedou
  • Professor Fritjof Sahlström (Åbo Akademi)
  • Assistant professor Anna Slotte