PhD studies

Banquet in the Golden Hall, City Hall. Photo: Ingmarie Andersson
Banquet in the Golden Hall, City Hall. Photo: Ingmarie Andersson
Banquet in the Golden Hall, City Hall. Photo: Ingmarie Andersson

    PhD programme

    The Centre for Research on Bilingualism offers a full PhD programme in bilingualism. The duration of the program is four years, which corresponds to eight semesters of full-time studies. The program is dedicated to graduate course reading and dissertation work.

    The course component accounts for 90 hp/90 ECTS, which corresponds to one year and a half of full-time studies. Two years and a half are dedicated to dissertation work.

    Obligatory and optional courses

    There are both obligatory and optional courses. The obligatory courses account for 52,5 hp/52,5 ECTS. The obligatory courses are listed below:

    • Bilingualism from an educational perspective, 7.5 credits
    • Bilingualism from a field/subject and historical perspective, 7.5 credits
    • Bilingualism from a learning perspective, 7.5 credits
    • Bilingualism from a psycho/neurolinguistic perspective, 7.5 credits
    • Bilingualism from a societal perspective, 7.5 credits
    • Methods in research on bilingualism – an overview, 7.5 credits
    • Statistics and statistical research methods, 7.5 credits

    The optional courses account for 37,5 hp/37,5 ECTS. These courses are chosen in agreement with the thesis supervisor.

    Higher seminars

    In addition, doctoral students are required to actively participate in higher seminars organized at the Centre for Research on Bilingualism.
    Higher seminars/Högre seminariet

    General study plan

    General study plan PhD studies in Bilingualism 2020 (462 Kb)

    For PhD Students Autumn '20

    Bilingualism from a Learning Perspective, 7.5 credits

    This course is intended as an introduction to research in second language (L2) acquisition. The aim of the course is to understand some of the complex processes and mechanisms underlying the learning of a second language. We will cover different approaches to L2 acquisition in order to understand the types of issues they attempt to explain. We will see that different approaches focus on different aspects of development. We will discuss each approach, considering its conceptual and empirical underpinnings.


    Students accepted into the PhD-programme have the right to supervision for the duration of their dissertation work. The supervisors are appointed at the beginning of the program.

    There is more information about it on the Swedish site: Handledning

    Our PhD students and ongoing dissertations

    Yvonne Carlsson, Gunilla Westin. Foto: Pia Nordin

    Yvonne Carlsson & Gunilla Westin

    Administration PhD studies for accepted Phd students

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