PhD researchers

Gunnar Norrman

Förstaspråksbevarande och andraspråksinlärning hos utlandsadopterade

First language retention and second language acquisition in international adoptees​

Tatiana Antontchik

Acquisition of compounding in Swedish as a second language

Marta Quevedo Rodriguez

The role of causal intentionality in monolingual and bilingual witness memory

Manuel Armando Guissemo

From Marginalization to Modernization: Debating multilingualism in Mozambique with special emphasis on late modern visibility of local African languages

Patric Klagsbrun Lebenswerd

Our people’s language; the fluctuating linguistic market of a national(ized) minority in Sweden

Maryann Su Lin Tan

Flexibility in phonetic-to-lexical mapping in bilinguals.

Luke Holmes

Higher Education Futures? Student voices and democracy in the context of increasing diversity. A multi-layered, mixed method study in the field of Linguistic Ethnography.


Postdoctoral Researchers in Bilingualism

Guillermo Montero Melis

Med rörelse i sinnet: Språkets betydelse vid kognition av rörelseskeenden

With motion in mind: The role of language in motion event cognition

BethAnne Paulsrud

MINTED - Multilingual and Intercultural Education in Sweden and Finland

David Karlander

Arbetaresperantisterna. Språk och internationalism i arbetarrörelsen, 1914–1945.

​Workers-esperantists. Language and internationalism in the Swedish labour movement, 1914–1945