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Travel information and accomodation

Please note that the links below lead to our main site Department of Swedish Language and Multilingualism > About us > Find us. Use the browser's go back button to come back to the conference site.

Flygplan SAS Foto: Bertil Bernhardsson. MostPhotis

Travel information

Here you will find information about how to get to Stockholm from various airports as well as how to get around in Stockholm via public transports.

SIgn H O T E L L from behind with Stockholm sunset view in the background


In Stockholm City there are a number of hotels, hostels and boats that offer accommodation. Here you will find some options that are conveniently located.

Café Studenhuset Foto: Mats Danielsson

Cafes and restaurants at Campus

Here you will find useful information about cafees and restaurants at Stockholm University Campus in Frescati.

Stockholm view from Skinnarviksberget at Söder. Photo: Eva Dalin

Visit Stockholm provides an abundance of useful information on attractions, activities, shopping, dining, etc.



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