Tatiana Antontchik. Foto: Pia Nordin
Tatiana Antontchik. Photo: Pia Nordin

Tatiana Antontchik

Email: studievagledare.biling.svefler@su.se
Phone: + 46 8 16 19 80
Room: D466

Phone and visiting hours, visiting and postal address; please see below.

Cancelled visiting hours

The visiting hours are cancelled for the time being, due to the current situation with the Corona Pandemic.


I'm available by email during the summer. I don't have any phone hours during June, July and the first half of August. There are still no visiting hours at all, due to the current situation with the corona pandemic.

Regular hours

New regular phone and visiting hours will come in August.


Visiting address Postal address
Universitetsvägen 10D
Building D, Floor 6
Södra huset
Department of Swedish Language and Multilingualism
Student counsellor Biling
Stockholm University
Sommarblomster. Foto: Frugan, MostPhotos
Foto: Frugan, MostPhotos