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High Court, South Africa, in English, Afrikaans and Xhosa. Photo: Caroline Kerfoot

    Welcome to the Centre for Research on Bilingualism!

    Bilingualism and Second Language Acquisition is one of the leading research areas at Stockholm University. Research at the Centre for Research on Bilingualism covers a number of profile areas, such as:

    • Second language acquisition/Swedish as a second language
    • Minority languages, language policy and language ideology in Sweden and elsewhere
    • Advanced second language acquisition and use
    • First language attrition and reactivation
    • Language and thought in bilinguals
    • Transnational multilingualism
    • Multilingualism and education in the Global South
    • Bilingual development, bilingual school programs, second language teaching, literacy
    • Young people’s language and language use in multilingual contexts

    The Centre also offers a wide variety of introductory and advanced courses as well as a full PhD programme in Bilingualism.

    Biennial Report

    Biennial Report 2017–2018

    Biennial Report 2017–2018, Centre for Research on Bilingualism, Department of Swedish Language and Multilingualism.

    Pedagogiska priset. Illustration: Sara-Mara

    Who do you think should be given an award for good teaching 2020? Deadline 15 March

    Who should be given an award for good teaching? If you are a student who has had a teacher who inspired and motivated you to really learn, or if you are a member of staff who has a colleague who makes outstanding efforts in teaching, just don't hesitate. Nominate your teacher or colleague for "The Award for Good Teaching — 2020".

    Flagga/Banner Mozambique

    Project "Educational Pathways to Multilingual Citizenship: The case of Mozambiqe" gets 4 mill. SEK

    The project "Educational Pathways to Multilingual Citizenship: The case of Mozambique" has been granted 4.152.818 SEK from The Swedish Research Council (VR). The project seeks to develop and theorize an advocacy program for community involvement in MTBBE provisions. Project leader is Professor Christopher Stroud, Centre for Research on Bilingualism.

    Svenska flaggan som en pratbubbla. Illustration: Laurent Davoust, MostPhotos

    Do you really need to learn Swedish in Sweden?

    Swedes are good – among the best, in fact – at speaking English as a second language. So should foreigners living in Sweden make the effort to learn Swedish? Only if you want to enrich the experience in nearly every way, argue the linguistic experts at Stockholm University.


    Conference 2020: The 12th Nordic Conference on Bilingualism (NCB12)

    Welcome to the conference The 12th Nordic Conference on Bilingualism (NCB12) at Stockholm University, Campus Frescati, on the 10–12 June, 2020. Conference theme is X-Disciplinarity in Multilingualism Research.

    Acceptance of Abstracts is postponed til 1 March 2020.