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Welcome the Centre for Research on Bilingualism, Department of Swedish Language and Multilingualism.
High Court, South Africa, in English, Afrikaans and Xhosa. Photo: Caroline Kerfoot

    Welcome to the Centre for Research on Bilingualism!

    Bilingualism and second language acquisition is one of the leading research areas at Stockholm University. Research at the Centre covers a number of profile areas:

    • Second language acquisition/Swedish as a second language
    • Minority languages, language policy and language ideology in Sweden
    • L1 attrition and reactivation
    • Interpretation (and translation)
    • Transnational multilingualism in developing countries
    • Bilingual development, bilingual school programs, second language teaching, literacy
    • Young people’s language and language use in multilingual context

    At the Centre for Research on Bilingualism, we also offer a wide variety of introductory and advanced courses as well as a full PhD programme.

    The Multilingual Citizen Christopher Stroud et al.

    New book. The Multilingual Citizen. Towards a Politics of Language for Agency and Change

    In this ground-breaking collection of essays, the editors and authors develop the idea of Linguistic Citizenship. This notion highlights the importance of practices whereby vulnerable speakers themselves exercise control over their languages, and draws attention to the ways in which alternative voices can be inserted into processes and structures that otherwise alienate those they were designed to support.

    Master's Programme in Language Sciences with a Specialisation in Bilingualism, 120 hp (autumn '18)

    The Master’s Programme in Language Sciences can be read with a specialisation in Bilingualism, among others. The host department for the programme is the Department of Linguistics. The programme consists of compulsory courses common to the entire programme, compulsory courses for the main field of study, and elective courses from the Faculty of Humanities’ common offerings.

    Niclas Abrahamsson och Emauel Bylund

    New research poject: A compensatory role for explicit/declarative memory in grammatical processing

    The Centre for Research on Bilingualism has been granted 3 900 000 SEK for the research project A compensatory role for explicit/declarative memory in grammatical processing: a combined latency, ERP, and tDCS study of nativelike second language acquisition