Second Cycle

Bilingualism from an Educational Perspective, Second Cycle, 7.5 credits

The course highlights aspects of bi- and multilingualism from an educational perspective and debates ways to organize teaching for bi- or multilingual speakers in different contexts. Prevailing ideologies about language in education in different contexts are also discussed. Among other things, the issue of teaching languages in multilingual countries of the South will be analysed and discussed.

Methods in Research on Bilingualism – an Overview, Second Cycle, 7.5 credits

The course provides advanced knowledge of the main research questions, methods and results in bilingualism research. The course seeks to provide the students with advanced knowledge of theory and methodology as well as insights into scientific ways of working in the field of bilingual research.

Second Language Acquisition and Bilingual Development, 7,5 credits (ht -17)

The course provides advanced knowledge of second language acquisition and bilingual development. It highlights second language and bilingualism research, growth and development. Key theories, questions and methods are exemplified and discussed. Students will read, analyze and critically evaluate research papers and dissertations in the field and explain and discuss their overall orientations to research problems, their results and their further implications

Bilingualism in Society, 7,5 hp (spring -18)

This course looks at bilingualism and multilingualism from a societal point of view. Topics that will be discussed include language attitudes, language ideology, language politics and planning in different societies and historical eras, the relation between majority and minority languages, as well as language status and domains of use. Intercultural communication within different domains in society will also be discussed, with particular focus on language use in the workplace.

Master's Programme in Language Sciences with a Specialisation in Bilingualism, 120 hp (vt–17)

The Master’s Programme in Language Sciences can be read with a specialisation in Bilingualism, among others. The host department for the programme is the Department of Linguistics. The programme consists of compulsory courses common to the entire programme, compulsory courses for the main field of study, and elective courses from the Faculty of Humanities’ common offerings.

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